“We all know that good executives delegate, knowing when to end discussions or allow others to take over. But the executive should also know when to be fully engaged, when to take on issues that only he can drive home.”

Paul Gorrell, Washington Post, January 2010

Books and Articles by Paul Gorrell, Ph.D.

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“Business Ethics 2.0” in 2010 December issue of  Talent Management Magazine
Oped in Washington Post on Obama’s Leadership:   “Basketball Strategy Should Guide President’s Governance,” January 2010

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“Action Learning for Teams” in 2012 issue of Chief Learning Office Magazine

“What Business Can Learn from Super Bowl XLVI” in February 2012 Huffington Post
“The Three “C’s” of Coaching” in October 2009 Talent Management Magazine

“What Business Can Learn from the Jeremy Lin Story” in February 2012 Huffington Post

Books and Articles by Our PTP Coaches

Linked in for International Students ,  published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, co-authored by Howard Fox
“The characteristics of dyadic trust in executive coaching” in Spring 2007 Journal of Leadership Studies, published by Wiley Press,  co-authored by Susan Alvey.