Progressive Talent Partners is a community of practitioners with superb credentials, diverse backgrounds, and intense passion for success. Our team has corporate and consulting experience helping us match the right coach or consultant to your specific needs. All coaches utilize the Assess, Align, Accelerate model to create consistency while bringing their unique style and capabilities to each engagement. We are a global company that currently covers multiple locations throughout the world where we provide service to our clients.

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Susan Alvey

Susan has 25 years of experience in leadership development, executive coaching, and team facilitation. Susan has served as an internal and external consultant, working with executives to build leadership capabilities which complement their business strengths. She is a specialist at helping leaders grow their communications skills. With corporate and consulting experience, she is able to assist her clients in developing their capability to increase effectiveness within their organizations.

Roxana Bellia, Ph.D., P.C.C.

Dr. Bellia is a seasoned executive coach and leadership consultant dedicated to the selection, development, and coaching of C-Suite executives and their teams. She is well versed in several leadership assessments and executive feedback and has expertise in communication strategies, executive presence, leadership development, change management, team development and performance consulting.  Roxana is an Adjunct Coach with the Center for Creative Leadership and Right Management. She is also an adjunct professor with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology where she teaches leadership, succession planning and selection. She is multilingual with native fluency in English/Spanish and conversational skills in French/Italian.

Eileen Connolly, Ph.D.

Eileen has over 25 years of experience in helping leaders move from good to exceptional performance through an individually tailored approach that capitalizes on candidate strengths. Navigating the complexity of each leadership situation, Eileen incisively evaluates corporate culture, strategy and leader’s strengths, and finds solutions that link all three. Raising awareness of those innate talents that both engage and energize the leader, Eileen consistently challenges candidates to reach inside and realize more of their full potential. With sensitivity and wit, Eileen helps leaders to become more self-aware, agile, resilient, and results-driven.

Bob Edwards, M.B.A.

Bob specializes in business anchored, human capital consulting and executive coaching. As a consultant and coach, Bob brings a broad background in executive, middle, and line management, managing P&Ls and people. He brings deep domain expertise in organizational and individual assessment, team development, executive coaching, change management, learning strategy and delivery, organization development, project management and “hands-on” implementation to enable enterprise solutions that translate into competitive advantage, top line results and increased profitability for his clients.

Howard Fox, M.A., A.C.C.

Howard has a passion for coaching, specializing in helping business owners, leaders, and managers improve performance and profits. He coaches clients to invigorate their management and leadership behaviors to model, inspire, challenge, enable, and encourage everyone. Howard also facilitates workshops for Leadership Development, Behavioral Awareness and Personality Type, and Social + Emotional Intelligence to improve his clients to improve their performance and profits.

Michael Frisch, Ph.D.

Michael has expertise which covers many human resource topics, including competency models, executive development, training, succession planning, and performance management. His primary focus is delivering executive coaching services, which he has been doing for over 20 years. He has worked with coaching clients in a wide range of industries and also serves as a supervising coach and coaching instructor for both internal and external coaches through his affiliation with iCoachNewYork.

Mauricio Gutiérrez Jasso, M.S., P.C.C.

Mauricio, is an Organizational Psychologist with a demonstrated track record in development and delivery of end-to-end talent management solutions, including learning curriculum development, leadership development programs, and organizational transformation. Mauricio has worked with Board Members, C-level Executives, and Mid-level Managers worldwide. He has successfully launched Global Leadership Development Programs based on a competency model and has coached Sr. Directors in the areas of Strategic Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, and Career Development. Mauricio has extensive knowledge in the private, public, and social sectors; thoroughly understands complex organizations and corporate governance. Mauricio helps companies thrive by implementing Learning Technologies, Process Improvement Principles, and Leadership Skills for the 21st Century.

Susan Hyman, C.P.C.C.

Susan helps leaders to access their highest potential and create positive change in their work environment. She provides coaching and facilitation for leaders and teams to effectively develop leadership skills, build dynamic and positive relationships, maximize potential, and navigate obstacles, transitions and challenges.

Sylva Leduc, M.Ed., M.E.C., B.C.C.

Sylva is a Leadership Strategist, Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Facilitator, and Speaker. For more than 20 years she has been a trusted advisor to executives around the world in the development of their leadership and their company’s growth/success. She also coaches emerging leaders in the development of their leadership skillset. As a consultative-coach, her broad range of industry experience provides a multi-faceted perspective for clients’ business and organizational leadership.

Kim Lemon

Kim Lemon is a certified Executive Coach, People Strategist, and Facilitator. She has over 20 years of Fortune 500 Leadership experience.  She helps leaders to align vision with execution, implement their signature leadership presence, lead and manage diverse management teams, and drive change. Kim partners with executives, high potentials, and seasoned leaders acting as both an effective sounding board and strategist.

Natalie Loeb, M.S.

Natalie is an executive coach with over 20 years experience in employee relations, training, facilitation and executive coaching. Clients include senior executives and newly appointed leaders from a variety of sectors. Natalie places a priority on leadership development and uses respectful and skillful communication to enhance diverse work cultures and inspire collaboration. Natalie offers unique and creative coaching and training methods to her clients to support the development of skills and strategies to transition to management roles, build highly engaging management skills and transform to effective leaders.

Robin Martin

Robin is an executive coach and organizational effectiveness specialist with more than 20 years of experience helping companies attain results through increased employee performance. She works with global leaders of Fortune 500 companies as an executive coach, thought partner, and business consultant to unleash potential and ensure sustained impact.

Catherine Mullally

Catherine provides executive coaching services and strategy, brand, and communications consulting. Based in Los Angeles and New York, she is a sought after public speaker, seminar leader and strategic advisor to senior executives with a focus on driving alignment in people, teams, culture and organizations.

Ron Pannone, Ed.D.

Ron is an executive coach with over 25 years experience in employee relations, training, organizational effectiveness, facilitation and executive coaching. Ron has extensive expertise in developing and implementing programs to optimize organization and individual performance. He offers a strong background in all aspects of talent management after serving in various roles within the government and private sector. Ron has provided succession planning, talent reviews, identification and coaching of high potentials. Ron is active in executive assessments, coaching and team development programs. He is a licensed Psychologist in NJ and an adjunct professor of leadership, communications and management at Seton Hall, City University of New York and Baruch College. Ron has published and presented to several professional publications and seminars.

Fran Parker, L.C.S.W., M.A., C.M.A.

Fran is an internationally recognized communication and leadership specialist with over fourteen years of experience as an executive coach in Fortune 500 organizations. Fran’s breadth of experience encompasses coaching individuals, working to develop teams, and presenting seminars in executive communication topics designed to teach leaders to powerfully connect their message to their audience.

Richard Sackett

Richard brings over 20 years of experience in coaching leaders, particularly in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Executive Presence, Communication Effectiveness, and Leading in Global and Matrixed Environments. His clients find him highly skilled at partnering, delivering sensitive feedback in an actionable manner, and imparting direction and encouragement. With each coaching engagement, Richard employs a keen understanding of the attitudes and behavioral habits that are employed by the most successful leaders across industries. He is able to perform detailed assessments of leaders’ mindsets and behavioral patterns and pinpoint where growth and development are needed.


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